Postcards for Politicians

I made these postcards based on the sign I painted and carried at the 2017 Women's March on Washington, DC.  I am proud to have distributed over 7,000 postcards around the country. 

Order here to get your own postcards and make your voice heard. 

Injustice in Ink

A series of walnut ink paintings on racial injustice.  Each painting is accompanied by text recounting the history of a person or event, encouraging the viewer to consider this lesser known history as it continues to impact the world today.  They challenge the notion of racism as an individual interaction, framing it instead as an ongoing system of oppression.

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Power to the Polls

A series advocating for voting justice and participation

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ResistPersistArtist on Zazzle

Each month I choose a different organization fighting for justice, and all my proceeds from this store go to that organization.  

Get some rad activist gear and help a good cause.  Check the store to find out this month's recipient.