Tara Kraft loves paint.  And ink.  And rocks.  She thinks of her works as geology in fast-forward, allowing the characteristics of a material to interact with her intentions in an ever-alluring play of forces.  She enjoys allowing her materials to express their unique qualities and physics, creating unexpected and powerful moments.

Like the geologist, Tara revels in revealing the hidden or overlooked – whether these are the microcosms in a rock, the liminal spaces at the edges of urbanization, or the hidden histories that define our world.

Tara studied painting and illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art, a dual track of traditional and digital techniques that is evident in her work today. She believes artists are obligated to make use of all the tools available to them, and she loves exploring new technologies.

Her work has been featured at the Atlantic Works Gallery in Boston, the Arlington Center for the Arts in Massachusetts, and at Gage Academy, Avanti Gallery, and Blowing Sands Gallery in Seattle. 

Tara was born in Australia to American parents. She has lived in many places, but her favorite home is with her husband and cats in Seattle.  She loves a proper tea and Vegemite. Yes, Vegemite.

Contact Tara for information on purchasing original artwork, prints, or commissioning new works.