but how does a commission work?

it's easy!

First, use the contact page to shoot me an email.  Tell me what you are interested in: do you have a particular subject in mind?  Is there something you've seen in my work that you particularly like?  I'm open to most subjects, formats, and mediums, but if for some reason I don't feel I'm a good fit for the artwork you've envisioned, I will be totally honest with you.

Once we've agreed to proceed, I will send you some small sketches of possible designs or layouts.  For instance, Megan wanted a painting of the C17 that her husband flies for the Air Force.  I sent her these sketches to get the conversation going:

I will also send color samples to choose from, or color mockups if necessary.  In Megan's case, after she chose the third sketch, I sent a few options to consider:

In the final stages, I will send you updates on progress so you have the opportunity to make any changes you need.  In Megan's case, she was happy with the result, but I want to make sure you are, too.

Megan's commission - the final product!

Of course, if you have a specific picture you'd like me to work off of, I can also just work straight from that.  This is just one example of how the commission process can work, and I look forward to making the process fit your vision.  

More Commission Examples